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A community of melanated bodies & kindred spirits committed to healing through yoga, nature, and wellness. Utilizing these tools to empower ourselves and others to lead a peaceful life.  

NuRhythms Wellness Collective


A Space To Nurture The Creative 


NuRhythms was created to support those who have been bold enough to break away from mainstream culture & conditioning, and instead establish a completely Nu Rhythm. 


We offer group classes, online immersions, live events, and collaborative gatherings with the intention of building a community founded on purpose, connection, & freedom.

NuRhythms Wellness Collective is based in Baltimore, Maryland serving the greater DMV area. Founded by public health advocate, yoga instructor, and wellness educator Briani Claggett, Nu Rhythms is here to serve and bring healing to the community.   


Find Your Peace

The Peace Project is a series of soothing yoga-based offerings created in direct response to the challenges we're facing due to the pandemic; most of which are centered around our health & peace of mind. 

The Feminine Moon Cycle course is a four-week immersion designed to help you increase your energy, minimize PMS and period pains, and reduce your stress by aligning with your bodies natural feminine flow. 

The Feminine Moon 

7 Day Free

Join the collective FREE to gain exclusive member perks.

Watch Anywhere

Cancel Anytime

Minimal Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device



“Every moment throughout the practice was met with peace and tranquility. ”


“Briani’s teaching has shown me that yoga can be free flowing and your movements can go at your own pace.”


“Unmatched connection to mind, body, and spirit with Nu Rhythms flow sessions.”


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